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Oh lordy. So my bones are going to WW tomorrow to see if I can drop 10 - 15 lbs before Halloween. I guess that's what you get for ordering a dress online and not being able to try it on. It's so gorgeous though and exactly what I wanted so I have to work my buns off now...


  • Aww, good luck!  If I can make a suggestion, make sure you don't skip breakfast.  I lost 5 lbs in 3-4 weeks when I started eating breakfast again.  I like a bowl of high fiber cereal with soy milk or a cup of yogurt and fruit. 
  • Thanks guys. I have to make some definate changes like not skipping breakfast (thanks amblizman) and cutting out pop and junky snacks. I am hoping that I lose it in my boobs because that's where the zipper decides it's a no go. I have been on WW before and had pretty good results...I'm putting pictures of the dress on everything!!
  • That sucks but I'm sure you can lose the weight.   Like pp I would suggest eating breakfast, and small meals including protein with each one.  Also, make sure you do strength training along w/ cardio.  It burns more calories and boosts your metabolism.
  • If you need an extra "push" toward the end, my SIL just did some no sugar diet for two weeks. She says that it really works. Basically you cut out all sugars (includin) carbs and then slowly re-introduce the healthy ones into your diet. But, in general, you can't go wrong with watching what you eat, cardio, and weights. Good luck!!
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