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Ordered Masks for Halloween Reception! Yay!

So, we finally sat down and figured out how many and what masks to order. We got them all from I looked all over and they really had the best prices. I had wanted to order black satin half masks, but those were expensive, so I settled for plastic. We ended up buying the Mega Assortment of Feather Masks, Sparkling Rainbow half masks, plastic black half masks, Retro Masks, felt pirate patches, Villainous Hairy Mustaches, black spider rings, and Halloween character necklaces. We will probably also buy some neon glow necklaces at our local store, as those seem expensive on their site. And I bought the bubbles for our exit (orange with pumpkin faces) and candy scoops for our Trick or Treat table. Woo-hoo!On a side note, while I was in a craft store earlier, a high school girl was complaining about having to dress up to go trick or treating. She was lamenting about how it is so much work to make a costume and why can't she go in her street clothes. It took all my strength not to whack her over the head with a witch's broom.Have a great day!!!

Re: Ordered Masks for Halloween Reception! Yay!

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