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Today's Topic: Everything Changes

What aspects (if any) have changed during your planning process? Venue? Location? Colors? Theme?

Re: Today's Topic: Everything Changes

  • Ours started out as a traditional church wedding. 6 people in the bridal party, white dress, all of our family that we wouldn't know if we passed them on the street etc, etc. Our colors were going to be black, white and pool/aqua blue. Then we decided we'd make our reception a costume reception to add some fun to it. Then we thought screw it, let's just go to Vegas and get married by Elvis!!! That one actually stuck for a while but then we thought we want our friends there and our parents and we just couldn't see it working out for us. That's what lead us to our current incarnation and the one we are certainly sticking with.
  • We were going to wait until next year, but Halloween fell on a Saturday this year.  We were also going to get married at my church at home, but the pastor said that since I hadn't been there in years (yeah, I went to college) that I was no longer a member there.  He gave me a list of like 15 things I'd have to do if I wanted to get married there.  So we're getting married in Rich's dad's church in Easton.  (Sidebar: afterward, the Diocese decided that my church is being closed.)  I'm glad that we're not having a Catholic wedding anyway.Oh, and the awesome party bus we were going to get was pretty much sold out from under us because apparently at no point during the week I talked back and forth with the woman from the limo company did she find it important to tell me that the date was already booked.  We ended up with a slightly less awesome (but still acceptable) party bus that ended up being close to the same price.Other than that, we developed the theme more, but nothing was ever really set in stone.  I'm fairly easy-going, so if we couldn't do one thing, we just moved on to plan B. 
  • We originally had a hotel on the oceanfront in Virginia Beach (where I grew up). It was going to be a formal wedding/reception with well over 100 people. Probably 130-150. Cocktail hour, appetizers, etc. We were even going to have a wedding party of 10-12 and a dj.Our theme changed constantly. First we joked about Corpse Bride but then went to an Asian theme with red and black as our colors. Then we decided on something else (which escapes my mind right now) with different colors. Finally we decided we wanted Corpse Bride elements included and rolled with it. The parents weren't all that thrilled at first, but after buying them the movie and making them watch it, they realized how awesome of a move it is and why we love it so much. At first our mothers weren't on board, but now they are excited to see all the details. We don't have a wedding party or a dj. The feel is more of a casual family affair with bbq. The venue we have is an awesome old Mill and we will probably have about 70 people. The small, intimate gathering J wanted from the beginning is starting to come to light. It's amazing how things start to work out when you go down the right path.

  • The first change was the date. We really wanted to get married ON Halloween 2010, but his Grandma threw a hissy fit about out of town guests (which there arn't any!) so she asked us to change the date until we did, to the 30th. Then the venue changed. We wanted to get married in his dad's backyard, which we spent tons of time back there, and where we essentially fell in love, but his dad didn't want to feel like a host. I said he wouldn't have to worry about anything, I'd get some cousins to do the hosting job, but it was a no-go. He said he and Grandma would pay for the venue in enchange of us not using his backyard.We have yet to find a venue. :{ We live in the middle of nowhere pretty much and only have a few choices, none of which I like. We are toying with the idea of driving to the beach, but the weather will not be that great in October, so then we thought going somewhere in the city (San Fran) but then maybe no one will go since its a 2 hour drive. Our favorite idea, which was totally shot down also by his Gma, was renting the local downtown theatre for 4 hours ($900) to do the handfasting (which is only a 4-5 minute ceremony), serving snacks and beverages, watching NBC in 3D (because NBC is our theme) and then cutting cake and mingling until the 4 hours runs out.Apparently, you cannot mix movies and marriage. :/ So, we're back to the drawing board.
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