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Today's Topic: Farts

Do you fart in front of your man? Why or why not?

Re: Today's Topic: Farts

  • Depends lol If I know its going to be an extremely stinky one, I'll spare him the torture. haha! I also don't go num 2 with the door open, though he likes to have conversations with me when he is. There should be *some* boundaries in relationships! He hasn't learned yet I don't want to continue a conversation during such a time. I'll hold my thoughts, no worries.    
  • Hee hee, yes I do. It took a while because you know how it is in the beginning but now...let's just say neither of us are very modest *L*
  • The way I look at it is if he can fart and burp in front of me so can I...and actually we usually share a laugh about it!
  • Actually, no (unless I'm sleeping I guess). And he doesn't either. It just doesn't seem like something that needs to be shared, so I don't know that I'll ever be comfortable with it.
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  • Yup. All the tme. Sometimes it grosses him out, but most of the time we giggle about it. Yeah, we're kids like that.

  • Oh, yes, absolutely. I usually say "excuse me" and he either apolgizes because it smells or says "Oh man". One of the very fisrt times that he spent the night while we were dating, he farted on my leg, so it has been all over since then! LOL! Plus I had a skin graft and I required help onto the toilet, so he witnessed it all, but the door remains shut now. LOL!
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