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What did you buy?

We weren't planning on having a bridal party. All of a sudden we have one. We have one person on each side. It was literally just decided tonight, less than a month away. What do I get for her? I'm completely lost.

Re: What did you buy?

  • What does she like? I'm always up for spa treatments personally. Would she enjoy something like that? Or maybe something fun, like a pinup party?
  • She likes beer, football and nascar. And boys.

  • We bought the groomsmen and bridesmaids engraved flasks.
  • How about a NASCAR filled with football players holding beer? Barring that, I got my maids pearl studs and a matching single pearl necklace, they are also getting pashmina wraps to match their dresses,(yea pashmina kiosks that have popped up all over Columbus malls!) and book that fits their personality (one is getting "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies", other is getting "Ask a Ninja", have not figured out the 3rd one....but perhaps "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" since she just told me she is 6 wks preggers). Keep in mind though, I have been buying bits and pieces over the past year. But a book might a good way to go...perhaps a cool coffee table book on the history of football? B&N has a HUGE selection on football this time of the year. How about some memorabilia of her favorite player/driver? If any of that does not sound good....I still would go with the NASCAR filled with football players holding beer....or drinking beer...that is acceptable too. :)
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  • Does she have a favorite driver? Or does she live anywhere near a race track? That would be fun for her I would imagine.
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  • I really like the book idea but that's because I am a nerd and love books. What about some movie passes or some fancy pants import beer.
  • I'm giving my bridesmaids black satin jackets to wear over there bridesmaids, a tote bag, some lipgloss, and probably just use halloween candy as a filler.  Maybe some really nice pilsner glasses... or a gift certificate to a local brewery...
  • What about some sort of personalized beer mugs? Or a football jersey from her favorite team? Some microbrew beers would be cool, but I always feel like there should be some sort of sentimental or keepsake item. Good luck!
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