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My favorite holiday is coming up.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I'm sure some of you ladies (gents?) feel the same. What do you enjoy the most about Halloween?

Re: My favorite holiday is coming up.

  • Fall is my favorite season, the smells, the colors, the food, and it seems like Halloween better reflects "fall" than Thanksgiving, for some reason I've never sat down and bothered to figure out lol Maybe it's because I like darker things in life than the majority of people, so this validates my existance on earth? haha
  • Food is always a good answer. I get soo excited for pumpkin pie and carmel apple cider! Asside from that, I really just love the atmosphere. It's fun and energetic. Haunted houses, dressing up, and just generally having a good time. What's not to love?
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  • and caramel apples! and butternut squash!!! lol
  • I love dressing up! And its also my BFF's birthday!I also love getting free candy and pumpkin pie of course. 
  • I love everything about it!!! I will be working but still dressing up..I work at a bar so I can get away with being a vampiress for the day :D I love my custom made fangs *grins* But then again I have been known to put them in NOT on Halloween when a customer is being a particular jerk. The one thing that bothers me though is in this city no kids trick-or-treat..... I am hoping that maybe next year I can get up to Salem or something...I used to every year
  • I have always loved it (ummm FREE CANDY!!!!). I grew up and 6 years ago moved from Southern California (orange county) where there really are not seasons, to Columbus Ohio, where the leaves actually changed color. Since I have lived here, it has really renewed my love for Fall and all things Halloween. Eventually FI and I want to move to VA or New England, and after watching Eastwick last week, I am getting excited to possibly move up that way someday (show was not that great, but the cinematography was wonderful!). Hot Cider, fresh apples, and pumpkins/squash are all sorely missed and welcomed now!!!
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  • Yea, I agree on the fruits and veggies. I love the colors the leaves turn and the crisp smell in the air. It feels (to me) like the most creative season, and as a pp said, Halloween just really reflects that..
  • Halloween is the best! I love dressing up, going to parties, haunted houses, candy. My absolute favorite is when the air is crisp and the leaves change color, going for long hikes in the woods. I just feel more alive and active in the Fall! It's great!!
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