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It's too damn quiet in here. 2 days, no posting. I'm guessing the brides-to-be are getting ready for the next couple of weeks. But we have other brides NOT getting married soon. So, what has everyone been up to??


  • Pretty much work, work, and more work...blah! But we did carve a pumpkin and go to a haunted house on Saturday, and I found a little black dress on Sunday :)
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  • I am guilty of getting things ready. I am tying the knot next Saturday so I have been SOO scatter brained lately. I realized I didn't even send in the playlist for the DJ until today (like it just sat on the table while I stared at it :)
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  • How exciting, only one week left! Everything is going to be perfect! I think I'm seriously sick of wedding planning at this point. I'm getting worried that I'm going to forget something important though (like the rings), and it's not like I could just drive home.
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  • Same with you though, I am sure things will come together easier the day of because you are going to be so focused on things, I am sure nothing will slip by. If you do forget something, you and your FI can look back and laugh about it....maybe :)
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  • We are in the middle of packing and getting ready to move....but I have been distracted by carving my fake pumpkins (it's addicting and i am going to be sad when the pupkins are out of season ;o( I also have a crazy work schedule and have been working out almost everyday. Other than that i am bored lol
  • E-ring finally came in yesterday!  So happy to finally be wearing it! Getting ready for our catering and cake tasting on Halloween... After that it's just making sure all the deposits are in and starting the DIY stuff... ~~~~calming vibes~~~~ to all those stressed out Halloween girls...can't wait to see all the awesome pics after the weddings!  
  • I worked this And it was Canadian Thanksgiving so I spent a bit of time with my folks.
  • I've been busy working. Stupid work!
  • I was going to post the other day. decided not to tho cuz I was pmsing and snarky. Was watching some wedding show and this girl had this dress costom made and was talking about how noone would have it. It was exactly like yours. Even black. I was only hating on her cuz she's rich and could afford ridiculous things i can't. lmao been looking at venues and non flower centerpieces
  • I'm so excited to see the photos from everyone's weddings that are coming up soon! It will be inspiration for my own wedding letting me know that no matter what our wedding day will be amazing too! I've been super busy trying on gowns and taking care of little Willow. I've been shoppping with my fiance' for little things like toasting flutes, guest book, and random things like beverage tubs. We found a cake baker right at our local grocery store who also made my daughters first birthday cake. I've een planning out shopping list for our DIY projects. We're planning on buying some red or black material to cover a plain guest book with and then embellishing it with satin ribbon and rhinestones. Thank you Joann Fabrics and Wal-mart for being so affordable!!! Oh, and I called my ex's mother to let her know that I would like for us to work things out, and be reasonable adults (ALL OF US!!!) and I invited them to wedding so my children could be together for once. Willow and Trey have still never met each other due to the fact that my ex has been a very selfish person taking off with my son! I'm sure you can guess that she was a total >fill in word here< to me! I just have to remeber that I am a strong and reasonable woman that can deal with anything that is thrown my way. I can also enjoy my life and know that wonderful things happen to those who are kind and patient. All in all, I feel like I have accomplished a few things, and I can still smile about life! :)
  • LOLZ I was on vacation this week. Absent from the boards for 6 days. I've returned but don't work weekends, so you won't see me again until Monday MUAHAHHAHAHAHA!
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