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Stupid Question: Photog

FI and I are having our photography done by a friend of ours who studied photography in college.  We asked her to do our wedding because we already know we like her work, and the price was right.  She's a staff photographer for one of the local newspapers, but she's never actually done a wedding before.  So the stupid question is, do I stress myself out over the must-take photo list or narrow it down and trust her instincts?Also, I don't remember if there was a post about this, but what are some of your must-take photos?Thanks!

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    Since she has never done a wedding before, I would maybe mention some must-takes, but it might be interesting to see what she suggests. I had this HUGE list of must takes and realized most of them would be staged and not candid. I didn't like that idea. Just a thought!
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    We discussed it with our photog before hand and just said that we were goint to point out a few key people and to try and get those shots.  We don't want anything too staged either so hopefully she'll be able to get them. I'm not worried about the must-take photo list including like the first kiss, dance, or things like that.  There are people we're more interested in making sure are included. I guess it depends on what is really on your must-take list.
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    Ambliz, I have a list of must-take photos in my bio - take a look. They are not what I'm asking for, but might help others. We also have a friend taking our photos who has done weddings before but not a whole lot. Good luck!
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    FI & I went to a wedding yesterday and he helped to take some of their pictures as a "back up." He takes good pictures in general, but he definitely had no clue on what makes a good wedding pitcture. So, I helped to set the scene and give direction & he took the awesome shots. Give her a list of some must takes that would upset you if you missed them & then maybe some suggestions to give her a guideline and maybe spark some ideas of her own. Good luck!
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    I just basically showed our photographer some ideas that I liked but I don't have a must take list. I like the idea of seeing what both we and she will come up with on the spur of the moment.
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