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Today's Topic: No way!

Most of us are going against the grain with planning. Is there one thing that people have been pushing for that you absolutely put your foot down to? Spill!

Re: Today's Topic: No way!

  • The white dress is NOT happening. Also, the girl I mentor - her mom had the bawls to call me up and ask if her daughter (a 13 year old girl, who BTW is intelligent and doesn't need anyone to communicate for her) could be a Jr. BM in my wedding. After I explained we weren't having kids in the wedding (we have a ton of nieces and nephews, and it just wouldn't be fair) she STILL tried to argue.
  • I'm with FMB. NO WHITE DRESS. END OF DISCUSSION. I've been told to "pick any other color than black, please, this isn't a funeral!" more times that I care to count from people I least expected this reaction from. :/Also, we've gotten flack from family because we're not doing an explicitly Christian ceremony in a church. I have friends from all kinds of religions, and I want EVERYONE comfortable attending my wedding. We chose a restaurant for that and many other reasons. God is everywhere, not just in a church. He will be there, and so will everyone else important to me, no matter WHERE we say our vows. Its more important to me that everyone be able to attend, then what building I get married in.   
  • Its weird, but most people just roll their eyes at me. They know I am going to do it anyway, so they might as well suck it up. :)
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  • Umm...I would have to say shoes--I am wearing flip flops and for some reason it is like a huge no-no. Also NOT having "line dances"--electric slide, hokey pokey, you know the ones. My mother almost passed out when I told her that...LAME
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  • First of all I just want to say WAY!!! We got napkins printed and we have a friend with the same first name as The Mr. Everyone calls the friend by that name and they call The Mr. Witchy. My mom decided this was something she would like to do for us. I told her to please get them done saying S and Witchy since no one calls The Mr. by his frist name. She was like no way. So I told her yes way, everyone knows him as Witchy and the other guy as his real first name it has to be Witchy. So she said ok. Then like a half hour later she phoned me back and was like, I can't do it. It has to say S and T...I told her no so I hope to God she listened to me!!!
  • The garter toss. The only single men are going to be my dad, my brother, and my mom's 67y/o boyfriend, so it would totally weird me out. I was also totally against a bridal shower, but I caved on that one to make my mom happy (and of course there's already drama stemming from it. Ugh!).
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  • where to start LOL no veil. my mother is insistent on me wearing a veil. i have told her several times, NO VEIL! She even offered to buy a veil even though she won't contribute to anything else! WTF!  No garter toss, no bouquet toss. Having a family dance instead of a mother/son, dad/daughter dance bc FI's parents are both deceased and has no aunts or grandmas. Not inviting a lot of relatives who aren't in our lives (some think they are entitled to an invite bc they are blood, Um NO). We are having a Halloween themed wedding with costumes encouraged. I am wearing sparkly flip flops. BM's are carrying brooms instead of flowers and we have a guest apperance by the racing sausages, LOL i think that about covers it!  PS- No hokey pokey, chicken dance or any songs by michael bolton, bette midler or celien dion! LOL
  • Not really taking opinions.  We've shared ideas, but we've been doing our own thing for so many years at this point (both me and Mr.B) that our families don't really EXPECT anything.
  • I only have one "No way!". Today my mom asked me if I could just have an informal wedding, but I can't imagine it! I always wanted one, but now we've decided that it's the only chance we have to go all out! I know thats not very exciting, but it means a lot to me considering I came from a very poor family and I've come a long way. My mom made her own wedding dress. It only cost her 50 cents for fabric and 50 cents for a zipper. Rub it in Mom!!!! I love her to pieces, but she should know better. I used to beg her wake me up at 5:30am so I could watch Style with Elsa Klensch every week. I absolutely LOVE dressing up! (not that I ever get to do it) I think we deserve to have an absolutely fabulous wedding! So we're going to.
  • Divine - that's funny, we're having an informal wedding and my mom still things it's *too* formal. Basically if I got married in jeans and a t-shirt she'd be comfortable. I told her just because I wear a dress doesn't mean you have to dress up, come in jeans and a goddess top for all I care, but please don't try to get me to dress down so you feel comfortable in a situation you're creating for yourself. She agreed after a while, that it's silly. I mean, I really don't care how people come dressed. Jeans, slacks, tuxes, pajamas... I love them for who they are anyway, what their wearing doesn't matter.This is the long way around saying, maybe she feels like because you're dressing super formal she needs to, and maybe she's worried about the $ aspect of it?
  • thinks, and they're. I suck at spelling today.
  • Well, my mom is like a cute litle old gnome, and my dad is a 70 year old hick from Maine! My dad is actually going to wear a REAL tux for the wedding, and I am dying to see him in it! My mom never dresses up, but she is willing to get an outfit for the wedding. She really doesn't have any money to spare, and she feels guilty when other people buy things for her. She raised 6 children and countless grandchildren, nephews, neices, etc. on an extremely tight budget. She's saving to come out to Washington for the wedding. She's not paying for the tickets, we are, but she wants some spending money. She also agreed to let me buy a special outfit for her for the wedding. I won't make her wear anything that she isn't comforatble in. We have a really nice store here that specailizes in comfortable clothing for older women. She loves that airy style of clothing with flowing fabrics or linen. I think she's really worried that we are having a real wedding with rental tables, cloth linens, cloth napkins, etc. I also mentioned that wedding gowns are really expensive. I used to want a non-tradional gown, but now I want to get a traditional one and add something personal to it. She told me that she wouldn't spend more than $50 on a wedding!!! That was really cute and so "Mom"of her!!!
  • Aww, Moms are so funny! That's cool you're doing what you can. It's hard when someone doesn't want help, even though there's nothing wrong with taking it.
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