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Topic of the Day: Oh no

If you are anticipating your wedding day, what is one thing you are dreading that might happen? If you already had it, what is something that went wrong that you completely didn't expect?For me - J locked his keys in the car as they were loading up stuff at his mom's house. Then we were stuck in traffic causing the ceremony to start an hour late. Which ended up making the reception end an hour early because the guests were tired. But it all worked out in the end and we were happy to have what we did.

Re: Topic of the Day: Oh no

  • I'm really hoping for it not to rain, but the forecast keeps going back and forth.  But I'm dreading getting sick before the wedding; I work in a home heath care office, and several of our field employees have had confirmed cases of H1N1.  I hope they stay the hell out of our office!I'm sorry you lost an hour, but I'm glad that everything else went smoothly!
  • I totally fear being sick for my wedding too! That would be the worst!
  • Our cake topper fell off our cake---my Boney Bunch!!! Didn't break though. AND DH stepped on my dress and ripped the bustle. I lugged that thing around all night.
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  • Let's see... I'd say... my brother showing up drunk, and starting a fight with my non-white fiance or his family. He's fine when he's sober but he'll say anything to anybody to start a fight when he's drunk, if he thinks he can get under their skin. A go-to for him is racial slurs. This is a big reason there will be no drinking at our wedding. Also - if my mom leaves early, I think it will upset me.
  • I hope everyone comes. I can see it just being like the 8 of us and a photographer *LOL* That's the down side of a surprise.
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