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Hey pretty lady! Are you all ready for Saturday?

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    Aww, I've been paged!   ::blushes::Ready to be married?  Yes.  Physically ready?  Getting there.I just have some odds and ends, have to get my e-ring cleaned, meet with the coordinator at the hotel tomorrow afternoon to drop off the table numbers and seating cards (that I'll be finishing tonight... hopefully) and after that, what isn't done is probably not going to get done.Oh, and my organist, who is my cousin by marriage and the ring bearer's dad, has not given me a list of what he's playing.  He is a terrific musician, but he's about as scatterbrained as I am.  So he'll be dragging his wedding books down to rehearsal on Friday and hopefully we'll have time to hash that all out.  Apparently in addition to the donation to the church, we will also owe the groundskeeper like $20 by the hour for the rehearsal and ceremony, and the church's organist wants $100 to show up and tell my cousin where the organ is.  Now, I don't know what kind of awful, immoral person I'd have to be to stiff the church, but I'm seriously thinking about not giving anything to their organist.  Ron has had over 15 years experience teaching music and even more with playing.  He plays organ for his church.  I think he could figure out how to work it... blindfolded.  Plus, we had to go through a whole big deal about sending his information to the consistory for them to vote whether they would allow Ron to play.  I think that would have been a good time to mention that we have to pay their organist, whether she provides a service or not.  I dunno, where I come from, that's called extortion.  I'm thinking that when it comes time to hand out the envelopes, hers is going to be empty.  That's a big chunk of change for someone who's not doing anything.Anyway, that was a big tangent.  Lol.  At least I have the next two days off to actually finish getting ready.  I'll pop back on the boards if I end up with any time to breathe!And thanks for asking!  I think I've bored all my IRL friends to death already.  =)
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    Ha! Well that does sound like a lot of money for um... well, nothing. And I was just like you last weekend too. Whatever wasn't done by Thursday didn't get done at all. And actually, everything pretty much got done - thanks to getting laid off the on the 16th. LOL! If I don't talk to you, I wish you the best for Saturday. I'll be thinking of you when I do whatever it is we decide to do for Sat.And for the other ladies getting hitched this Halloween weekend, congrats to you, too. Amblizman holds a little extra special place in my heart b/c she was here from the beginning of this board right along with me.
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    It's 'cause we're awesome. ;)
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    LOL! That we are :P
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