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Any Ideas?

Hey ladiesI'd appreciate any ideas you may have for the front of my guest book. We're getting married on Halloween next year and our theme is a masquerade ball (more gothic/van helsing type than POTO or Mardi Gras). I have the book itself put together, its spiral bound with black pages, and the pages are sheets of burnt parchment. I need a cool idea for the front, but no ideas! What do you ladies think?

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    Do you have a monogram you could put on the front? Or can you glue one of the masquerade masks on the front?
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    Yes! A mask would be awesome!!!! I am actually having a guestbook problem myself. Yesterday my love and I had the chance to got to Wal-mart and Joann's together (with no baby in tow!!!!), and we got some white satin material, black ribbon, and a beautiful jewel button to put on the guestbook. Problem is, now I'm not so sure about the white! The material only cost $1 though. I reaaly need acrafting space of my OWN!!! I think I'm just getting too caught up in the details. So anyway, yeah, the mask idea is amazing and would be really fun to put together. Another idea would be to take your favorite fabric design and your favorite gothic design. We all have one. Mine is black crystals in the shape of a choker with danglies or wrought iron scrolls. I usually just collect my favorite stuff and layer it on top of each other. I love going through the aisles of beads, feathers, and scrapbooking supplies and finding inspiration there. Good luck! Can't wait to see it!
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    I also really like the mask idea. You could really dress it up with feathers and crystals if you wanted to. BTW I am jealous. I have always wanted to go to a masquerade!
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    Thank you for all of your ideas! I'll definitely think about the suggestions, and I'll post it for critique when I'm finished!
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    Can't wait to see!
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