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I just looked at your dress and it is so gorgeous!!!!! I am in love with it and it suits you to a tee!!

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    Thank you sooooo much! I can't believe I had to try on about 50 gowns before I found it! I got it from the most awesome shop, too. The attendants and the shop owner are really amazing! I had tried on gowns there and I really didn't want to buy from a different shop. All of the gowns I tried on there I wanted to add black to, so the shop owner secretly ordered it just to see if I would like it! I was shopping for Halloween costume stuff with FH and my baby when I looked across the street and there it was! Belva (the most amazing bridal salon owner in the WORLD!) had just put it in the window. I actually RAN to it!!! I walked in and told the attendant that I HAD to try it on! Come to find out the Maggie Sottero people were there with Belva (it's a Maggie believe it or not) and they were all dying to see it on me. It was one of those cheesey fairy tale wedding dress moments. I walked out and everyone's mouth dropped, including FH, and I got goosebumps and cried like a little sissy! LOL!!!!! Anyway, it was an amazing moment in my life. Much more amazing than I thought it would be, considering all of the bridal salon horror stories I've heard. Now we just have to pay for it. Gulp. I'm so happy that it's done, and now I can get all of the other things together. Thank you so much for the compliment!
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