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Topic of the Day: Stupid Habits

What habits do you have that you wish you didn't? And why?

Re: Topic of the Day: Stupid Habits

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    Hmm. I eat as a filler. Filler for boredom, depression, anything. I hate it because I've ballooned up. W/E, FI still finds me seckseh.
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    Yeah, I eat out of boredom, too. And I wish I didn't. I quit smoking a few months back and replaced it with food. Now I have the cravings to smoke again because I don't want to eat. It's a horrible cycle. I also hate how I constantly put myself down. For no reason. I think so negatively about myself and I shouldn't. I need to fix that, stat.
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    I count stairs everywhere I go. If I stop counting halfway up--I'll walk back down and start over. It's a little annoying and I wish I didn't do it.
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