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Topic of the Day: Trash The Dress

It seems like a new tradition of photographs has been born with the Trash The Dress session. Are any of you doing (or have done) one? If so, what location did you pick and why? What are you looking forward to most?

Re: Topic of the Day: Trash The Dress

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    for me that seems like an incredible waste. I get why people do it, I just personally couldn't. I'll give my dress to goodwill or similar (or who knows? Maybe I'll meet a bride my size who wants it)
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    I would love to do a creative shoot like that but not in my dress. I love it way to much and just think it's to beautiful to ruin. Maybe if I bought a cheap second gown I would do it though.
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    I have never heard of this, but I'm guessing that you actually "trash" your gown?! If so, I would never do it! I am spending $1000 on my gown, and we will be paying for it well into next year. It's a very huge investment, and I plan on treasuring it as long as I can. This includes many photo shoots in different locations after the wedding. Life situations permitting, I'm planning on passing it on to my daughter. Whether she wants to wear it or not is her choice, but the option will be there. Even if she wants to chop it up and use pieces of it....that's fine. My gown has an incredibly wonderful story attached to it, and I would like to go back to old family traditions and keep it in the "hope chest".
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    This may seem lame, but my grandmother bought my dress and I would feel bad doing something like that without asking her. I don't think she would get it if I wanted to do that so to avoid it, and not have to spend ANY more money on this wedding (pro pics come Tuesday!!) I will pass. I have seen some really awesome one though.
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    We are planning a post wedding photo session in a local historic cemetery. Artsy and dark, but the dress will not be in danger. (Though, with a black gown it'd be a lot harder to trash than something in white)
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    I think I'm in the minority, but I really just don't get why you would get dressed up in your wedding clothes and stage a shoot on a day other than your wedding. I think the photos look awesome, but I still wouldn't do it. I also think bridal portraits are a little strange, although I know that it's a tradition in some parts of the country.
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