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Hiya gothy gals! I been searching for wedding ideas, and I was thinking of a Modern Victorian theme. I have been searching the internet for resources, but all I get is more tradtional Victorian wedding sites. Anyone know of some good places to search? Or have any ideas? I know I wanted to wear a white top hat/veil combo, but I am stumped on dresses, as I am full figured gal.

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    Well first of all welcome! I love the sound of your ideas. :) I actually just started writing a blog on LiveJournal and I ran across a list of gothic wedding links. It's got all kinds of stuff on it. Also you should check out the offbeat Bride wedding blog. These are awesome resources with tons of inspiration. Here's the links:

    gothicweddings link list

    Offbeat Bride

    Also you mentioned dresses. Have you found anything online that has caught your eye? Did you check out the dresses section on theknot? Do you have a style or silhouette that you think is nice? I'm sure I could round up some links to some of my favorite websites if you would like....
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    I also wanted to mention that nycegrrl99 posted a really awesome link a little while ago. It's the Rock n' Roll Bride blog <-----clicky
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    Although my dress was a lovely Chinese creation...

    The dress is actually made well and EXACTLY how it was pictured.  FI measured me and the dress fit very close when we got it.  I had to have it taken in about an inch on either side and the straps about 2 in.  The alterations only cost me $100 from a local seamstress and the dress with the conversion was $230 including shipping.  I'm a fuller-figured girl so it was nice to have something made to fit me specifically.
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