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The Dress :)

I have never posted on here, so hi, my name's Britt lol but I just know this is one board where you girls will share my love for my dress (which on some other boards I get total flack for lol)

My mother got marrried in 1985. She has a gorgeous gown that she kept with a fitted bodice, all in lace and beading, and a skirt with a lace bottom overlay, lace train. I always wanted to wear my mother's dress, but it wasn't quite 'me'

Fast forward to today. My sister is a fashion designer (specializing in evening gowns). She is taking my mother's dress and making a few changes for me, and I think its going to be PERFECT:

- She is cutting it down to be a sweetheart style neckline and backless, to show off the tattoo on my back. It is a black celtic style cross with a red rose wrapped around it in memory of my father. This tattoo is the inspiration for our whole wedding (its a red/black style wedding, red roses, black accents all over the whole bit) so I definitely love the fact it will be seen so clearly.
- She is adding black accent beading to the bodice
- She is adding a black satin sash to the dress
- She is putting black crinoline under the skirt in place of the existing white crinoline, so anytime I walk/move/cause the skirt to lift even the tiniest bit it will be all black underneath. The best part of that is that I'm getting blood red heels so they will REALLY pop :)

As I said, on other boards I have been slammed when I describe it at all because its 'not traditional enough' hahaha, but I knew I could share it here and you girls would see what I see in it :)
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