Gothic Weddings

Some updates

I realize this board is pretty much dead. I don't really understand why there is an offbeat board and a gothic board since gothic weddings fall into the category of offbeat except for the fact that there are so many awesome posts on this board so it's good to still have it here. I will be posting on this board, as well as the offbeat and vintage board because they are all my favorites.

I figured I would start here with our new updates, and if anyone is interested in bringing this board back I will be here. I want to say hello to any new brides that have showed up on the board since I've been gone! I hope everyone is doing well, and is having fun planning. I know I am now that we have a definite date!

I'll be posting some new things that we're working on. I'm dying to do some DIY projects. Actually, I'm off to try one right now. Pictures to follow...
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