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Cake table score!...and some cakes we love.

We love antiquing, thrift stores, consignment shops, and salvage places so we are constantly stopping in to check them out. We have been looking for ideas for our cake table and we were thinkning it would be neat to use an old door to display the cake on (by making it into a table). That idea is definitely awesome, but when we saw this table we knew we didn't have to search anymore. It was $45 and marked down at 50% off. We know we can also use it for family picnics and things like that, so it is worth the money to us. It's a little rickety but the legs can be tightened. There are water stains on it and the finish is messed up, but we are both really happy with it's character. Here it is...

This month we are working on picking a new cake design. We did have a big elaborate cake picked out, but since the wedding plans have changed so much we are looking for a smaller cake. Here's some that we love...just try to picture them on this great table with maybe some black lace draped over the top of it.

The flowers would be burgundy dahlias, not roses.

The birds would be black (crows if we can find them!), if we have piping it will be black, and the orange flowers would be replaced with succulents (hens and chicks)

This is just another one with the burgundy dahlias. I absolutely love them to pieces.

I really love this idea with the ribbon and lace table "runners"

We're probably not doing the branches (although it would be awesome with crow cake toppers), but the green stuff on this cake is so pretty.

I am considering the raven bottle stopper as a cake topper (two of them), but price is definitely an issue.

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