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Help with ideas!!

Hi ladies I am new to this board but all of you are so creative and have such cool ideas! I was wondering if you could help me with some ideas.... My fiance is a tattoo artist and I am trying to figure out how I could incorporate that into our fairly traditional wedding. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

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Re: Help with ideas!!

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    I love the ideas that dizzi mentioned. I was thinking that you could also use the same graphic on favor tags if you have favors for your guests. I have always loved those little swallows.

     Also a cake topper that is tattoo inspired would be awesome!
    engraved tattoo cake topper

    I searched "tattoo wedding invitations" and got these image results. Check them out! There's tons of inspiration for invitations, favors, etc. You might find something that's perfect for you guys!

    tattoo wedding invitations search results

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    I've seen some really cute shoes with Sailor Jerry images on them around. Even quite traditional brides are getting into interesting shoes that only peek out from under the dress once it's bustled for the reception, if then. Great photo op that's not going to change your overall look. There are tat pattern Chuck Taylor flats, and tat pattern heels from places like T.U.K. and probably on Etsy.

    LOVE the tattoo-inspired papers for weddings like PP said. That might also give you a color palette to consider, or your colors could decide which images might look best. Anything from the swallows to tribals would make cool stationery.
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    I'm loving the tattoo inspired fiancee only has one but I'm covered in them and want a Gothic, vintage, romantic feel...maybe I could incorporate some tattoo inspired stuff into the decor etc.
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    I ran across this site they have some adorable heart tatoo invitations
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