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On the accessory search again...

Today I found a huge cocktail ring that I can't get out of my head. It's funny because it's at our local coffee shop and they just got a collection of rings to sell. Kinda weird, but they are really nice. I actually LOVE the look of a wedding gown with chandelier earrings and a cocktail ring on the right hand (obviously saving my left hand for my wedding ring). I think it's a really fresh way to have a gothic wedding and not just wear a choker or something that screams goth club. I am thinking about going back and having my FH take some pictures of me wearing it. I know the girls at the coffee shop and they definitely wouldn't mind. When I went in and tried on my gown last time I brought a black cocktail ring with me, but it just wasn't the right ring.

I am not proud of this picture. I was having the crappiest hair day ever, but it shows the ring that I tried on. Definitely not the right ring, but I am really comfortable wearing cocktail rings. So picture this look with shorter hair and no parasol, some pretty dangly black tear drop earrings, and I'm seriously considering a very long black organza shawl. The ring I'm thinking about is a black flower that is pretty wide and showy, but It's such a great statement piece.

So bad idea? Or can I possibly pull this off??? I will post pictures of the ring as soon as possible. Maybe tomorrow (Sunday).


Re: On the accessory search again...

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    I think that would look great! Chances are that if you're thinking about the ring that much you should definitely buy it. I can't wait until you get married I want to see a million pictures of the end product, you have so many great ideas!
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    Wow, I really wouldn't worry about being able to pull it off. If this is a crappy picture then I know it will look FABULOUS. Your dress is simply amazing. I know when I get a piece of jewelry on my mind, I have my heart set and I won't be happy until I get it, so I say go for it!

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    Well, I didn't get any pictures because I think I have decided against that particular ring. The band is just realy uncomfortable. It's one of those elastic bands with beads, but the band is really wide and would be uncomfortable to wear. I'm still on the search though.
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