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What are your centerpieces and dining table colors?

So I had some spare time today so I actually read through some of the older posts on this board. I started at page 4 and checked out all of the topics that were covered a long time ago. I'm on planning hyper-drive so I have all kinds of stuff going on (as I'm sure you are all aware of). We are currently designing the centerpieces. We were going to do all black baccara roses mixed with other deep red flowers from a local cutting garden, and maybe peacock feathers, but we would have to order tons of expensive roses!!! We had started buying short vases, roly poly candle holders, and red votives, but we decided that was a little too red for our taste. We were also thinking about doing eihter red or black linens, but now I think we have decided on black. We really wanted something darker and more earthy and rustic.

Anywho, we met a woman at a boutique who let us collect branches from property. We had a BLAST doing it together with no baby in tow. Some of the branches are covered in lichen, some are covered in tiny pinecones, and some are just branches. We put together two centerpieces and oooohhed and awwwed over them! They are gorgeous! We used river stones to weigh the vase down and spread bigger stones out around the vase. The lichen covered branches ended up being quite large arrangements which will be great decor, but not necessarily centerpices. We used five roly poly candle holders with red candles in them around the vase with the large river stones. We lit them and admired our masterpiece! We love this idea, BUT we want to add more to it. We also don't know if we want to use red candles or white.

So here's the formula in the works:

1. tall (kinda bubbly)vase (from walmart) 
2. 1 pack of medium size river stones for inside of the vase (from walmart)
3. 1-2 packs large river stones to put around the vase (from walmart)
4. 5 roly poly candle holders per centerpiece (from joanns)
5. 5 red (warm apple pie, yum) votive candles (from walmart) OR 5 white votive candles (from joanns)
6. 1-3 beautiful branches from mother nature (and also thanks to Deb, from Paisely Boutique)  
7. This is the task at hand.....finding a way to make them more personal.

 We are thinking about putting some roses and dark flowers or a single flower inside the bubble of the vase and possibly a smaller arrangement in a little vase or clear dish with a couple floating flower heads. Another idea is to find some sort of creature like a butterfly, spider, snail, bird, or something to put of the table or hang from the branches? Another idea is to hang a couple crystals from the branches. We also thought of having a diferent creature per table just to have fun with it. So basically we have a gorgeous branch centerpiece that we want to be even more beautiful.

What are your opinions and suggestions ??? I'm posting the pictures of the centerpieces in my bio today under the "decor" section. Also, I would love to hear what you are thinking of using for centerpieces!!! Please share!!!  =)       

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Re: What are your centerpieces and dining table colors?

  • My linens

    My centerpieces (But the branches are black and the bases are antique square wrought iron pots)

    I love your ideas! They seem very much on target with my own! :)
  • I love those Damask linens! Very pretty. I also love the hanging crystals. I was really set on having crystals like those, but they ended up being very hard to find around here. I'm thinking about ordering some crystal pendants from our jewelry supplier, but my budget is getting tighter and tighter. I like the acrylic crystals that we have, but for the centerpieces I really want glass. I think that since the baby is sleeping right now I might go price them. :)

    I am still trying to find something to decorate with that fits into our "gothic" theme. So far I just have black linens and 4 black lanterns that we just bought (I wish they had more!), and my wine bottle labels.  I really need something else that isn't too cutesy to spice things up a bit. I'm thinking about getting some crow figurines that I saw at a local gift shop. I don't know what, but hopefully something will surface. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.  
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  • i do like your ideas! they sound good & some of them are similar to ours. we are doing a kinda gothic/victorian punk thing with hints of an asian feel. we have these red & black lanterns that are gorgeous & shaped like pagodas. we're also using some to line the aisle & then taking them to the reception. for some of the decor/centerpcs we're doing branches with red blossoms put on them so they look like the cherry blossom branches. we want little white pumpkins somewhat shimmery or with crystals, maybe with those red berries & baby's breath in them & bigger ones carved with our initials & date with leaves & petals strewn under/around them. we aren't sure which colors will go where in regards to linens & stuff. might use lace runners, use this cute black ribbon on the back of the chairs with b&w polka dots in little bows. it's hard to explain without ppl thinking it's too much but it looks good i swear!lol a TON of candlelight! & alot of it is just DIY it's so fun!

    we're also going to do our engagement photos in fun outfits [his is a top hat, & coat similar to the kind he's wearing at the wedding & mine is a gothic loli anime type dress] & some with our daughter dressed in something cute too & then making them look antique or black & white & putting one at each table. i think it's a nice personal touch. the mood/atmosphere is very important to us. i want it to feel cozy & sexy. there's a fireplace in our reception room that'll be nice & we're thinking about a xmas tree. decorate it in our colors red black light purple & silver with a little white & maybe these skull ornaments that i make. very cute on the same polkadot bow with our date on the back. may double as favors & at the end say everyone can take one home.

  • Wow! All of these ideas sound AMAZING! Actually, all of our ideas would work perfectly together!

    *WereAya - Where did you find those little lanterns with the clear glass?
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