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kinda random, but still wedding related

So it's July, and I can't help but keep thinking about the fact that we were SUPPOSED to me getting married on the 17th. I'm really curious as to what kind of weather we are going to be having here on that day. Will it be sunshiney or dreary, windy or calm? Hopefully things will turn out ok and we will be getting married next July. Although, we're not exactly sure what day. So I'm really curious as to how the weather will be.

I've been putting into motion some practices that will help me out in the long run and for our wedding next year (hopefully). I have been protecting myself from the sun because last year I got some tan lines from a bad sunburn  that are still not gone. I wear my "Martha Stewart" shirt (well, that's what I call it) and a sun hat every time I go out to work in our garden. I really want to be my natural skin color when I wear my gown (or maybe a faint spray tan since crisping my pale skin is NOT my thing!) so this is good practice for next year. I have also been trying to work out to keep my stomach a little more toned. I've had three children so I try to keep as toned and as tight as I can. I have to admit that I only get to do 15 minutes worth of work outs twice a week. :( My FH and I have been trying to take speed walks together when Willow is being watched by her Grams.

So although I was supposed to be getting married this year, and now I'm not, my son is coming over from Maine to spend a month with us. He'll be here July 22nd. It's very exciting, and I can't wait to spoil him! We still need to save up about $200 for his ticket to fly back home, but other than that we are going to be paying the very minimum on our bills and the rest is for spending on a trip to the zoo, Seattle shopping and museum trip, going to La Push and Rialto beach over by Forks, and just having fun here in our cute little town.

Sorry that was so long, but PHEWWWW it's all out now!!!

I've been extremely busy. ;)

Re: kinda random, but still wedding related

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    I was originally supposed to get married a couple weeks ago, I'm so happy we waited a year. We'll be able to afford a somewhat nicer wedding this way. It's kind of sad, but now you know you're wedding will be more like what you envisioned it to be, you have a lot more time to think of things, and you've already started to pay for things so it won't be so many bills clumped together. 

    That's awesome that you get to be with your son for a month, I bet you're really excited! It sounds like you have a lot of great plans. Have fun!
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    It definitely is a relief to not have to rush everything. I have some time to enjoy my life and pay for my gown over a longer period of time. I am a little worried about having to find a new venue or having to rent a huge tent to keep everyone out of the hot July sun, but I'm sure it will all work out. So after my son has gone back home I can start making payments on my gown again, and get some things done like sizing my wedding ring. So I guess I just have to say that life is good and I have so many great things to look forward to!
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