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Hello everyone, I am looking to have some wedding favors that are not your typical "candy in a mesh bag". I want something different, something the guests won't expect.  The main color in my wedding is black, and I am having a deep blue or deep purple for an accent color.  There's not really a set theme for my wedding, but it will be romantic without being too frilly.  I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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    Hmmmmm. I like the candy in the mesh bag idea, so I guess I am useless. Maybe a cookie instead (oeros!)
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    I guess it depends on what you want, are you going with some kind of theme? Do you want something edible? a keepsake? something useful? There are so many options for favors. You could check out the favor board, I think that would be a good place to start. Also you could google wedding favors and browse some sites to get an idea. I'm using music note keychains as favors, they're adorable and prepackaged. 

    Some of my favorite ideas are wine stoppers and bottle openers, you can find them in many designs. Edible favors are great too.
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    Thanks for the ideas! I think it's a great idea about the musical keychains you are using! I have googled and googled and found many ideas, none of which have really caught my attention too much.  I do like the idea of using rum shooters; they are the perfect size, I just need to think of a way to play them up.  I guess I could just make some personalized labels or something. 
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    Ribbon is a girls best friend when it comes to wedding planning lol. It's an easy way to incorporate your colors. I think the easiest way to pick favors is to think about your interests. I've seen some really cute (slightly cheesy) ideas like personalized matches for couples that met at, treasure boxes fillled with candy for beach weddings, and things like that. Favors are a fun way to express you and your relationship so I know it's frustrating trying to find that perfect favor lol. 
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    Edible favors are best.  With your color scheme, chocolate covered blueberries came to mind. 
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