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I haven't been around...

...but I wanted to stop in and say hello. I am currently 60 days away from our wedding date. A lot of things have changed for us. I am a little bummed that flowers are out of our budget, but I am trying to find a creative way to find some. Maybe we can get some new topics going, and revisit some old ones? I am at the point of not wanting to do this anymore (not the marriage...the wedding planning!). I would still like to post what we have accomplished. I am trying very hard to keep the same gothic feel, but it can be difficult. I'll post some stuff soon!

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    Keep posting! This board is quiet.
    For flowers, I'd check around to local florists a day or 2 before the wedding to see what they have. A florist near me always has $3 mixed bouquets for sale.  You can check local farmers markets too, you might find a really good deal there.  You might not be able to find a specific flower, but you don't have to go flowerless.
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    Have you thought about hitting a craft store? There's lots of ways to make offbeat "bouquets" fom feathers, ribbons, beads, etc. Maybe pick things you like and have a party with your bridal party where each girl makes her own bouquet from the materials you like. This is much less expensive than flowers, and everyone has a handmade treasure that will last forever.
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