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I'm so excited!  Fiancee's kilt came in today and it's AWESOME!  I love it!  He was very comfortable in it and it's so nice that he likes it so much!  Can't wait to see it with all the extras...the rest of the order should be here tomorrow! 


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    Lovely!! Where did you order from? 
    We're talking kilts for him and the groomsmen. Are you doing them all, or just for him?
    It looks great! :)
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    We're just doing them for him, but he has a friend getting married next year and they are all wearing kilts.

    We ordered from and I have to say that they were FAST and very good quality.  We ordered the standard kilt, but they have a thrifty version for only $30. 

    I read the reviews on and the guy that owns Stillwater is a poster and comes VERY highly recommended and his prices are awesome.  Most of the traditionalists there said that these are good kilts for weddings and for first-timers not wanting to sink a ton into them. 

    We didn't have kilt rentals around here so it was our best option.  They don't sell shirts there, but all of the other accessories can be purchased there.  We ordered on 12/9 and recieved it on 12/14.  I can't recommend him enough!!
    It was also one of the few places to get more than just the Black Watch and Royal Stewart tartan in a reasonably priced kilt.
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    Actually if you are in DC there are 3 places to rent kilts.  The Scottish Walk did an amazing job of getting all of our guys into kilts considering that no one was in the area.  (DH ordered his from Scotland and it took over 8 months to receive it so congrats on the short turn around time!)
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    The problem with the rentals was having the specific tartan in his size for rent. 

    We had a great experience with stillwater...will recommend them anytime!
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    Alittle late as I never think to check this board. Fiance has been wanting to do a kilt, but has not been able to find a place to purchase or rent in the tartan and/or size. Will definitely look into the link posted above!
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