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Envelope Addressing.

I have decided to start addressing my invitation envelopes( I have heard this can be an extremely time consuming task).  Our wedding is leaning toward the simple/ casual side, so I feel that having them addressed with calligraphy would be out of place.  So, I am going to try the computer printed way… not labels but feeding them into the printer. I took a pass this morning and still have blank envelopes….. didn’t quite go as smoothly as I had hoped or imagined.  Anyone have any experience, tips, suggestions?   Thank you!

Re: Envelope Addressing.

  • Not me! But I'll be watching this as I'm completely stuck on how we're doing this as well. I was definitely considering the printer thing, but I'm afraid it will be too difficult. I hope someone has some good advice!!!
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    I did mine directly from Keynote (Mac version of PPT). I just sized the page of the file to the dimensions of my envelope, place a text box in the center, and copy/pasted each name/address. I did the "paste and match style" option as I pasted, so they would come out in the font I chose (Pen Tweaks). I also added a border to mine b/c we are doing a vintagey wedding and wanted the "airmail" look to our envelopes. 

    I then printed them in batches of about 10 at a time, so I wouldn't have too many in the feeder and run the risk of a paper jam. 
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  • We are going to DIY with our placecards (purchased some pretty ivory and silver ones at JoAnns that you just run through the printer) and I am VERY nervous about it! My mom had me purchase two extra sets of 60 placecards she was so convinced I was going to ruin so many of them.....I am so bad at stuff like this, there is no way we will be able to shoot our envelopes through the printer!  sigh....addressing the envelopes is one thing I am really dreading!
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    My FI and I used the computer and printer to address our STDs and it worked our really well.  We did exactly what Bmorebride said we used keynot and created a text box we also made sure to only put like 10 envelopes in the feeder at at time.  If you aren't very tech savvy maybe you have a friend who is that could help you.  We sent out around 150 STDs and it only took us like an hour and a half if that to do them all.  Good Luck!
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  • Thank you so much for all of this advice.  I am pretty power point savy, so I will definately try that route.

    Did you run the envelope with the tab out?  I am asking in regards to the size paper Ishould set up. 

    Thank you!

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    [QUOTE]Thank you so much for all of this advice.  I am pretty power point savy, so I will definately try that route. <strong>Did you run the envelope with the tab out? </strong> I am asking in regards to the size paper Ishould set up.  Thank you!
    Posted by MM5678[/QUOTE]

    <div>We did not.  We left the tab folded down like it will be once it is sealed.</div>
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  • I printed the addresses on our envelopes and it went fairly well. I think it also depends on your printer because there is no way I'd be able to run 10 envelopes at a time!! A few of mine actually got ruined because the envelope would get caught on something. Maybe I'd have to try with the flap out but I don't think it will make much a difference for my printer. As for the program i used word and I found it to be very simple. I changed the page size to that of my envelope, reduced the border size which might not even be necessary and centered my addresses to where I wanted them to be. That was it! :
  • This is good to know! I'm so lost with how to do this. 
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  • I went to Staples and bought clear labels. Since my address' are in Excel, I'm using mail merge to bring over the address'

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  • Here's a related question:  Is there a specific template in Excel that you have to put your addresses in to Mail Merge?  I'm pretty MS Office literate but have never used Excel for addresses. 
  • We also ran them with the tabs folded in. I feed them through sideways, so it was the only way that would have worked.
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  • OK, so I plan on attempting to tackle this again tonight. 
    I too have read that you need to feed the envelopes sides ways.  However, when creating a document on powerpoint or word, do you have to write sdieways to accomidate how the envelope is fed into the printer?  Or did you right in a regular left to right format?

    Thanks again, all of this feedback is very helpful!
  • My template was made in the normal "landscape" mode. PPT automatically prints landscape pages sideways, so you shouldn't need to make any adjustments to the settings to make it "know" to do that.

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  • After several hours of fiddling, I have about two dozen printed envelopes!  So exciting!!! For some reason I ran into the address printing to the far right of envelope regardless of where it was on the computer document.  Probably user error, but I ran out of suggestions to try and fix it.  So I decided I would give it one more whirl by just creating my own document and BINGO, finally had a centered printed address.

    Thank you for all of your help!  Have a wonderful weekend!
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