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What are your August plans?

Sadly summer is coming to an end, what are your plans for the rest of the summer? Getting any wedding related checks taken care of, or any fun summer getaways planned for this month? Share your plans here!

Re: What are your August plans?

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    Sadly, we started back to school this week in my neck of the woods. Summer fun is over and done. ;)
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    Well... summer is really just a word around here. Not sure it can even be called a season. But in general just trying to finish all the the centerpieces, favors, finishing ordering the bridesmaids dresses and getting my rentals taken care of. Not to mention the thosand other things that im sure will throw themself at me. I gotta tell u... Ive been planning for over a year... October is coming fast... and I feel like im lossing my mind lol
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    pretty much same consensus here... School starts back up end of this month and goes til december.

    We've got a good bit accomplished already but have a long ways to go. wanted to get the bigger things out of the way because the date is a popular one.

    we'll work on save the dates, invites and centerpeices through the winter/spring and i'm always working on the dress ISSUES with just me and the girls. ( He wants to know nothing about it... How Prince Charming of him to want to wait til i walk down the isle. )
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    I think the only wedding related thing I'm squeezing in this month is to have all of the bridesmaid's dresses ordered. Other than that I'm packing and cleaning and all of that fun stuff. FI and I are both celebrating our birthdays really soon too (mine is the 30th and his is September 3rd), so hopefully we'll do something for that. I go back to school September 2nd and we should be closing on our house on the 10th, and there are a million things I want to get done before all of that!
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    We are going to see my daughter next week. I have been busy with work I've started keeping my date book with me so time doesn't get by me.  I hope to be able to order my dress in the next month or so.  We were out today and I wore one of my necklaces  they're are starting to garner some interest I'm going to have to get business cards and the like together so I can hopefully make some sales or at least make some contacts.
    Congrats brit on your house!  
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    Congrats to everyone who is getting close to their wedding day! I've been spending most of my time with my son who has been visiting me for the past 3 weeks. He's going back home on August 20th. When he goes back home I will be making a payment on my gown and hopefully seeing MY actual gown for the first time. It was ordered in February. I can't wait to try it on!!!

    My garden is blooming like crazy and I just found a pretty red gladiolus blooming in one of my flower beds! That was really exciting. I have been checking out flowers that grow in our local cutting gardens to see what I really love. I have some pictures of a bouquet that I picked at the cutting garden in July that I want to post for you all to see.

    I'm also hoping to take a shopping trip to check out some bridesmaid dresses because I am not completely happy with what I had picked out. I also have two weddings to go to in October so I want to get a dress, shoes, and jewelry to wear. That should be fun! Hopefully. Sometimes shopping can be stressful!
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