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Just got the quote for my cake *Dies*

So my bakery just sent the quote for my wedding cake...and honestly..I think I must be insane!

Here's the scoop:

3-4 tiers, topsy-turvy, black fondant, blue and orange scroll design, gryphon wearing a feathered masquerade mask climbing up the back of the cake.

(Not sure if we're allowed to post prices - sorry if we aren't...)

3 tiers - $892
4 tiers - $1223.00

We are having 75-100 people at our wedding. 3 tiers serves 70, 4 tiers serves 120...

Am I completely insane?
Any advice would help...


Re: Just got the quote for my cake *Dies*

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    You should probably get quotes from different places. I think ours was $3-4/cupcake (including a free anniversary tier).
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    Ouch! The cake is definitely important, but that definitely is INSANE! Getting quotes from other bakeries is a good place to start. I'm not even willing to spend more than $300! I hope you do get the cake of your dreams. Let us know what happens.....
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    Honestly...if it's good cake I would go for it!!  We paid $800 and some for our 3 tiered cake for 120 people.  It was DELICIOUS.  My dad ate probably half a layer on his own.  He loved it as well.  We went to 3 others, and it was like Duncan Hines.  Nothing special.  PLUS you have a pretty detailed design.  I am sure that adds to the price.  We also get a anniversary cake free.
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    The cake tastings we've been to are amazing! The cake is so moist, and they have some really great combinations. We're considering having the guest list down to 70 people so we can have this cake...I want there to be enough cake, but not so much of an overabundance of leftovers. I'm thinking if we got the 4 tiers that we'd have 20+ servings left I'm not sure what to do.

    Thanks for the advice everyone!
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    That's a totally basass cake, but I don't know if I'd spend that much if it were me.  We got a small three-tiered cake for display and cutting, and the majority of the cake for serving was the sheet cakes in the kitchen.  DH and I made sure to find a baker who would do the sheet cakes in our flavors.  DH also got a chocolate grooms cake.  The total for the whole thing was under $400 for 150 guests.  Of course, it wasn't nearly as elaborate as yours, but it sure was yummy!


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    I know I am chossing an overly fun Faux Cake. With only one layer of real cake! (they can do that now a days) So that way im not paying nearly as much for a beautiful cake. I am just going to have sheet cakes in the back and one layer for us to cut :)
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    I've thought of doing that...
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    I definitely wouldn't cut your guest list just for the cake. Maybe get the cake that feeds 70 people and have a sheet cake too. Cake isn't important enough to cut guests, in my opinion!
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    i definitely wouldn't cut the guest list just for cake either. that's kinda crazy in my opinion lol it's a cool cake but you could still have a fun good tasting cake with out it being outrageous. ours is free tg! but i wouldn't spend much even if it wasn't. have you thought about serving sheet cake or cucakes & just have 1 or 2 layers? 
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    I have thought of those options now with everyone's help. I may also try to make the gryphon myself, that will take $395.00 off the price tag right there. Also, we have had to really cut back on our guest list for catering sakes. Our venue requires a $60.00 food/drink minimum for each guest. With 75 people that would be $4500.00 - and we really can't afford that. I didn't want to have to cut out that many people, but we don't see a way around it right now... : (
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    I got the cake quote a few days ago and almost fell out of my chair. For a 4 tier white brides cake and a 2 layer grooms cake (210 servings for 120 ppl) they estimated $1104. Im meeting with the caterer this afternoon and I have a feeling Im going to have to hold my F back from killing the chef. 

    Also, is it true that guests will want a slice of each cake? Ive never heard of that or assumed that. 

    Assuming you dont have to stick with a certain caterer (some venues put that in their contract) I would definitely look at other options. Even if you dont change your mind about the baker, it might give you something to use against him to lower the price.  
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    Our venue requires in house catering. Their food is really good (went ot an open house last weekend), but just really expensive. Our baker is a seperate company, the catering company at the venue doesn't do cakes. Our baker is actually pretty reasonably priced for the area. They run about $2.50 per serving. In my area, servings run anywhere from $2.00-$5.00+ each. We're still thinking about FI doesn't really care - he's more humoring me than anything else, but we'll see how things work out. Are you for sure booking your cake? Or are you still thinking about it?
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    I think I would do a fake cake and then a sheet cake.  It would be an awesome keepsake (the gryphon). 

    I agree with alot of the other posts on some of the other boards, you have to spend your $$ on what means the most to you.  We are having no ceremony decorations and didn't spend a huge amount on our clothing.  The majority of our $$ will be spent on the reception, photography, and musicians, in that order.  Our biggest reception costs are food and beverages (alcohol).

    I think if the cake is important to you then the money will totally be worth it.  It sounds like a great cake and a fabulous design!
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    We met with the caterer and downsized the cakes. He said that a lot of my cost comes from the detailed piping on the 4 tiers. So even if I took out one tier and used sheet cake it wouldnt affect the cost that much. After downsizing both cakes we got $400 taken off the final cost so yes we booked them. Im afraid that most of your cost is coming from the foundant work.
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