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wedding coordinator?

My fiance' and I are meeting with a wedding coordinator tomorrow at 3pm. We're meeting her at the free venue that was offered to us by some family friends., and it works out great because the people that own the property are related to her (in-laws of some sort!). It would be a big expense, but is it worth it for me to actually enjoy our big day???....probably.

I'll let you know how it goes!

Re: wedding coordinator?

  • We also looked into getting a coordinator. FI said that she would have to save us more than what it cost to hire her. Plus she also found out that she was pregnant when we went to talk to her about coordinating our wedding. I figured it would be really hard for her to be able to run around on our wedding day. 
  • I have one and no lie,  she has been worth every penny!!!  Just yesterday she saved me from a Defcon Monkey level meltdown when my salon canceled on me 10 days before the wedding. She's gotten us discounts, found things I never would have known to look for, and I get to be in my bridal bliss bubble on the wedding day instead of trying to play Martha Stewart. Can't reccomend enough!
  • That was my plan exactly Divine. I just want to enjoy my wedding. We didn't hire her until all the big stuff had already been booked and sometimes I wish I'd had her from the start. She does the tedious stuff so I have time to handle all the fun details, DIY, and stuff. :)
  • So yeah, things went really good today. I stopped by walmart and printed out a bunch of my favorite inspiration photos and showed them to the Breva (the coordinator) and Trenia (the property owner). I finally printed some pictures of me in my gown. We had fun gabbing and looking through the photos. Trenia is so laid back. We asked her what she thought about everything and she said she thought everything was beautiful and to just go for it! Breva was full of insight, and had some great hook-ups for things like a bartender and rentals. She gave me a great deal and said I could pay her in 3 payments of $300. I am totally stoked.

    Now it's time for my fiance' to step up and get his finances in order. We're going through a process to make it so he doesn't get his tax refund taken from him this year. If it works out the wedding will be July 16th, of 2011. If not, atleast we'll have a wedding coordinator already paid for!

    So now I feel a little better about things. I don't want to have to be the DOC for my own wedding, and I don't want to put the burden on my family. I'm just going to keep moving forward doing DIY projects, collecting items for decor, pay off my gown, buy a dress for our daughter, have the guys order some of the top hats, support my fiance' in his financial journey, and completely rework my budget. I want to know exactly how much everything will cost, and if I can get a better deal somehow.

    I have a feeling I'm going to have crazy, vivid wedding dreams tonight...
  • WOW $300 for a coordinator is an amazing deal! I'm thinking about getting one, since I have no clue what I am doing, and I've never been to a wedding epp!... but I'm thinking I need to coax some money out of the FH and find at least a day of coordinator...
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