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Pro pics are in!

DH put about a bazillion pics on Facebook like a dork. 

Eventually I may muster up the motivation to make a married bio, but until then, Facebook tells me this "public link" should be able to let anyone view the albums.

Re: Pro pics are in!

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    It worked! Wow! There was shot of you in there that teared me up! I'm such a geek! They are sweet and funny, and everything you'd want in your wedding photos! I really love the one of both of your hands together and it shows your rings and the bridal bouquet. Your red and white gown with the red accessories, and the red bridesmaids dresses are gorgeous! They are just awesome. :) I just got a lot more excited for my wedding, too! Congratulations! You two look amazing together!
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    Aww thanks!  I think the shot with the rings and the bouquet is my favorite, too.
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    Wow, your pics are beautiful. I love the red!!! You look beautiful and your day looks like it was fun :)

    How'd you get that link. I have my pics in facebook and for some reason I can't get a link that works properly.
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    Just luck, I guess.  It was at the bottom of the page when I went to the album.
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    Thats pretty cool. We have the same wedding colors but my mom would have a panic attack if we tried having a wedding like that. We tried pushing our wedding back to next halloween and she threw a fit over that.

    I like your pictures though pretty cool. I love that your guests were dressed in costume lol.

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    Everything looked amazing! And I'm sooo very jealous that you got your pictures back. Mine will take another 2-3 weeks Frown
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    aw nice pics. it looks really cute. love your bouquet & your locations! that pic with your dh with a ghostbusters pack is funny haha my fi is obsessed with them. he'd probably have a whole ghostbusters themed wedding if he could hah 

    [& yea you can link any fb album. don't copy the browser link. there's a link at the top or bottom in all albums that says like share this with your friends not on fb & copy that one]
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    oh yeah where did you get your fangs haha
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    Fangs were Scarecrow brand from  Sign up for their newsletters and they'll send you codes for discounts and special offers.  I had a hard time fitting them- I used all of the goop- but once they were in, they were in!
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