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My favorite wedding related thing so far...

I'm bored out of my skull at the moment. And I've been all over the boards and here and there and there's nothng new so here's a silly....

Tell me/us what your favorite thing for the wedding is so far! It can be an object, an article of clothing, an idea, a vendor, anything. Just tell us why it's A #1.

I have'nt actually made any purcahses yet... so my favorite thing has to be our photographer.
She gave us her rates for 2010 which include a ton of prints of all different sizes. She also does amazing editing work. Antique finishes, color pops, words or secondary images on the photos... and they're awesome!
Also she prides herself on being non traditional. Alot of her portfolio is the running jumping bridesmaid kind but she is totally understanding that we don't hop! 
And is into working with our creepy, vintage, gothy, victorian, sparkly vibe.

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