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Weekends...great things happen during the week.

Sorry, this is a little long, but wow...

So Chris and I had the best day yesterday. It was just what we needed. We met with a lawyer to talk about our finances, because we have been considering bankruptcy. After hearing what the lawyer had to say, and her saying that she thinks we should do it, we decided NOT to! Chris has student loans, and he gets his wages garnished AND they take our tax return every year (since last year when we were supposed to get married!!! NOT happy about that! It's about $5000). We would just like to make monthly payments and not get our tax return taken, but since the students loans were federal they will still take it even if we claim bankruptcy.

This may sound like bad news, BUT I am so proud of him for taking the time to learn about it. We traveled 3 1/2 hours to get to the lawyers office, and then the appointment was over and I felt like this weight had been lifted, and questions had been answered.

We listened to music and goofed off (safely) during the whole drive. We had to take a ferry to get to our appointment, and we got front row parking on the ferry so we had a great view. We went to some antique shops and had a blast looking around. Then we went to Seattle and my first stop was this amazing little shop that I never get to go into because we always get to Seattle really late. I had the chance to try on jewelry and look at everything instead of window shopping and drooling. I checked out a bridal shop in the downtown area, and was blinded by all of the WHITE, but it was fun to check out. We had coffee, gyros and falafel, and walked around the city in the rain. I purposely brought my rain boots and stepped in every puddle I could find. It was cold and wet and fabulous...I hope everyone has the chance to have this kind of experience with their significant other as often as possible!

My ramblings are over for right now...
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