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Official Intro to the Board...I've been stalking and I'm sorry. :)

Hi all! I'm Sparklette and I've been stalking this board. I had made an intro on the role call but then remained pretty inactive. No more!

So... here's a little about me and the fiance.
We've been together for over four years now and have three beautiful children who will be an important part of our wedding day. (Which is still two years off. We'll be paying for everything ourselves and are allowing for lots of time for not only us but our bridal party and out of town guests to budget)

I'm the only "goth" in our relationship and I'm not really all that "hard core" these days (not the spring raven I once was in my youth, mwahahaha). But you know you're only as freaky as you feel and I'm about as funky as they come. Sparky is much more down to Earth but willing to indulge me in all of my black and white, stripey, red rose-y,curlicue,Burton sound tracked desires.
He is the perfect light to my dark, the milk to my oreos.

We will be having an early fall wedding with an outdoor ceremony somewhere yet to be determined. Our cocktail hour and reception will follow at a local country club.
The ballroom is all done in gold and green and red stripes with fleur de lis patterns here and there. The perfect background for our black and white and strategically placed red theme. At least in my humble opinion.

I am absolutely over the moon to be planning our wedding and am so looking forward to getting to know you ladies better, sharing my DIY projects and giving and getting inspiration!
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