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Current favorites and Hates

1) Being off before dark!!
2) How much my bunny(Monroe or Princess Doodles) is enjoying the apartment!
3) Burt's Bees Deep Cleaning Cream and Burt's Bees Pom Night Time Moisturiser! My skin has never been happier!
1) FI doesn't get off until late tonight
2) My amaryllis (Wilber) won't bloom />:(
3) I think a friend of mine is having relationship issues. :(

What are yours?

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Re: Current favorites and Hates

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    My garden in the summer
    sparkly eye shadow
    alba cocoa butter hand and body lotion
    the town I live in
    dressing up my daughter

    Not having my own kitchen
    money worries
    religious freaks
    dirty looks

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    i second the beer (altho I am more of a champagne girl) , money issues, religious freaks, and dirty looks!

    I'm lucky because I don't get hangovers no matter how much I drink but I will be moving to Topeka, home of fred phelps in january. bleh I hate him!!! what a freakin jerk face!!

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    Yummy smelling Herbal Essences shampoo
    Cheap wine
    Video games

    This small apartment and the crappy management (hopefully we'll be moving into a house by November though!)
    Vacuuming and washing dishes
    FI's new job position 

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    I'm actually a champagne girl too, but I started getting heartburn really bad and realized it was from the champagne.

    So I don't usually get hangovers either, but on Friday night I stayed up much later than usual and drank some pretty dark beers and definitely got a hangover. I killed the headache right away with some advil, but I was so tired that I slept half the day while my FH watched our daughter. I don't regret it though because I found out one of our friends is a bride-to-be and we talked for hours about wedding planning and all kinds of stuff. Fun, fun.
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    edited July 2010
    i really only do extremely cheap champagne. i have tried more expensive stuff but i usually fight FI for the bottle when it costs 3.50 a bottle and im not that big of a drinker lol.

    thats exciting about your friend! a friend of ours just proposed on the 4th and now their wedding is the day after ours. I'm really bummed that we won't be able to go to each others weddings but I'm super happy for him too.

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    awdammawdamm member
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    soft blankets in front of a warm fire
    having time to paint
    driving aimlessly to good music
    finding crafty ways to make extra money
    whipped cream vodka and Cherry Dr. Pepper!!!!

    working so much OT i dont enjoy the little time i have off
    CRAMPS! ( never had them before but now have the JOY of them )
    already having wedding anxiety and i have over a year until D-Day!
    feeling "obligated" to invite family and friends of friends.
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