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just a little fit I'm throwing

I can't believe I can't find jewelry to wear with my gown!!! Grrr. It bugs me. I KNOW I have plenty of time, but why can't I just find something so I can cross it off my list??? I know what I want.

Earrings: silvertone or sterling silver chandelier earrings with black tear drop shaped beads or something very similar. Something dangly an elegant that make a statement. It's ok if there are clear stones on them too.

Cocktail ring: silvertone or sterling silver cocktail ring with black stones, and maybe even clear stones as an accent. Maybe shaped like a rose, flower, or mandala.

It would be nice for the earrings and ring to both have the same color stones, black with clear accent stones. I would prefer for them to be matching.

Is this too much to ask for? Maybe if I come out and say "Universe, please direct me to some jewelry with these exact specifications."

There I said it.

Re: just a little fit I'm throwing

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