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Great time of year for shopping for a wedding!

I'm seeing Halloween items all over the stores. Joann fabrics has some really great stuff. I'm sure all kinds of other stores do to, but that's the one that's sticking in my head. I've seen spider web cake stands and candle holders. All kinds of neat stuff!

Last year we had our eyes on some crows at a local home decor store that we thought about putting on top of our cake or on our cake table. I thought they had sold, but they just put them away for the season. We're not sure if we want them still because we found some little black love birds, but they are so awesome!

Another great thing about this time of year is the fall and Christmas stuff. The fall colors are so pretty, and would be great for decorating a wedding. I bought a bunch of stuff on clearance after Christmas last year. This year I plan on picking up a bunch of Christmas lights, glass candle holders, and things that are just really sparkly and made out of clear glass. I bought some stuff last year that had silver rims in the Better Homesa and Gardens Christmas line at Walmart, which will work perfectly for our wedding. I can't wait to see what I end up finding this year!

Anyone else having fun looking at all of this stuff, and looking forward to clearance shopping? Or am I just crazy?


Re: Great time of year for shopping for a wedding!

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    I'm looking forward to it too and not just for my wedding!  I love the fall and halloween or samhain is my favorite holiday!  I got flowers for work and this weekend I'm going to walmart to get orange icicle lights and pumpkins for our jackolanterns for our balcony.  And I'm also going to get a fall themed and a halloween themed wreath for our door.  Then candy time and getting to see all the cute kids in costumes!
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