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i love a lot of styles & i'm getting kinda overwhelmed because i love so many things & this could go in so many directions when i love them all. i'm also absolutely ridiculously indecisive & that's pretty much all wedding planning is. i'll see the good in both sides of something & its really hard. now other ppl's weddings i'm great at! but that's because i'm working with more of an outlined vision that they want, not unlimited potential options. so yeah i'm a bit nervous to start buying or make definite decisions.. 

& i swear have like 10 million inspirations pics! seriously my desktop is covered i'm like a drag & drop addict lol love the dark victorian look but also the lighter garden tea party, i love rustic italian with villas, wineries, with that kind of grecian/roman goddess look, i love fairytale/ ethereal/  bohemian, love renaissance, love the really punky stuff & black dress, & also pretty much japanese anything lol & that's just the basics i could go on all day! so whenever i'm looking around i'll get totally inspired by something else & it doesn't help lol ..BUT.. i think some of them overlap a bit so i can incorporate them without it being too much.. it's just a ton of careful choices!

does this happen to you? how do you stay [or get!] on some sort of track?lol

Re: overwhelmed..?

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    Perhaps you should start with the season your wedding will be in as well as time of day. Even if it's not firm yet time of day can have a big effect I see daytime wedding as more causal. My wedding will be in Nov in the evening so that helped me rule out some things like an outdoor wedding.  i had a pretty good idea of what I didn't want the white dress and all so that helped me narrow down the things I did want. It all comes down to personal preference, style and the atmosphere you want your ceremony to have. 

    Best of luck.   
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    I know exactly what you're talking about. I think it's perfectly normal, but can be very overwhelming. I have a lot of differet styles that I'm drawn to. I really love all things Victorian. I happen to love pink and ivory, but I went with a crisper color scheme of white and black instead. The fact that I'm using red is really strange because I don't even really like red. It's more just the feeling that the deep red roses give me. I'm suprised that I chose such a common color scheme!

    I would have also loved to do a Celtic theme, but since my FH is Mexican I figured I should pass on that.

    I think that mixing elements is a great way to compromise. When people ask me what my theme is I don't know what to say. If I say I'm having a Gothic Victorian wedding, people look at me like I have three eyes and five arms and kinda cringe a little. If I was to say I'm having a Gothic, Victorian, Martha Stewart, Art Inspired, Garden Party.....I don't even want to see their reaction. I'd be better off going with the first idea.

    We've just decided that whatever really captures us we'll add to the wedding. Right now we're still trying to decide what bird cages we want to use as decorations because I LOVE birds and birdcages. I've tried to give up on using crystal trees, but I realized that I REALLY love them also. So we're going to get some hanging crystals and make one or more for the wedding. I also wish I would have had the guts to buy a black wedding gown. I have always wanted to try on the "Victoriana" Maggie Sottero gown which can be ordered in black. So far I haven't even been able to find a picture of it in black anywhere on the internet. My FH knew he wanted to go all out and where a very formal tuxedo with a mad hatter style top hat and jacket with coat tails. I fell in love with his vision also.

    As for deciding on decor....that's always going to be tough! I am still having a hard time trying to pick out centerpieces for the dining tables and ways to decorate the banquet room and the garden dining area. I have a folder on my computer for "Wedding Ideas". That folder is seperated into other folders such as bouquets + flowers, bridal accessories, bridesmaids dresses, cakes, centerpieces, decor, favorite gowns, flower girl dresses, groom + groomsmen, guestbook ideas, inspiration boards, invitations + etc, must take shots, ring bearer pillows, things we have, toasting flutes, and pictures of our wedding venue. These folders have folders in them where I put my favorite ideas from each folder. For example "my very favorite bouquets" . It's just my way of flipping through and finding my favorite inspiration pictures. Sometimes I go through them and delete pictures that I don't want anymore.

    My favorite tool that I use to organzie and choose what I really want to incorporate into my wedding is my wedding planning website that I made on It's strictly for planning purposes and to show other people a current look at what we are doing for the wedding. I only share it with these message boards, people who are directly involved in the planning process, or my family back home who would like to see what I'm doing for the wedding because they can't be here to see first hand and help.

    So my advice to you is to try making a wedding planning website and write notes with each picture so you can keep all of your ideas together. It's really VERY easy to use a website. It's pretty much just a drap and drop website builder. You create different pages for different parts of your wedding and just add pictures and notes.

    Another great tool is creating an inspiration board. I use and You can use the templates they have and just upload your photos from your computer to fill them up.

    Here's the links to all of those sites:

    Also, if you ever have anything you want an outside opinion on I'm here to help!  :) 

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    sagewolf - thanks we do know that stuff at least.. it will be in october or november, from the late afternoon into evening. semi formal or formal in b&w, red & lavender with silver accents.

    thank you divine! i would also secretly love a celtic inspired wedding! haha we went to ireland & it's my favorite place. i'd love a destination wedding there! have you seen Rivendell Bridal? so pretty! i'd also [if i was marrying myself] love a green & purple wedding lol i do like the colors we picked..but i have to admit they're my 2nd choice. 

    & i agree i can see it going together really nicely in my head but explaining it to ppl it sounds ridiculous. if i say oh i want a 'victorian japanese ethereal but a little punk' theme they of course think i'm nuts & do not get

    i finally started a weebly like a week ago! but i'm already trying that inspiration board one!lol thanks so much! i'll try to post it when i'm done!
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    k i tried one lol i loooove that wedding dress!
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    these are fun! lol & at least i can see how things might look together. i'm trying to make one for every part..
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    Um, those are beautiful!!!! I want to be a bridesmaid if I can wear one of the long dresses in the first board! I hope I'm invited!!! Just kidding. ;)
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    thanks! they're so fun to do! i've prolly made like 30!ha i love those dresses! they're bari jay & i'm actually in love with like 90% them! sure why not you can come you have good ideas! haha
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