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NWR, but he got me flowers. :)

So today I woke up and I just hurt everywhere. I don't get sick very often, but today it's going to be very hard to keep up with my almost two year old. I'm hoping for a miracle! This morning my FH actually took Willow for a walk in her stroller and let me sleep in. I wasn't actually sleeping, it was more like just laying there. It did feel good to not have to move for a little while. I was pretty grumpy, and I feel bad because he's so sweet and doesn't deserve to be grumped at. I got up and he went to the grocery store to get some food that would be easy for me to prepare for Willow throughout the day. I was still pretty grumpy when he got home (I still am!), but he gave me FLOWERS!!! They are so pretty and they smell delightful! There are light pink carnations, variegated pink and white carnations, light pink snapdragons (one of the his names for me....WHAT? I don't know why... :P), bright pink gerbera daisies, hot pink spray roses, light pink lilies, and pieces of eucalyptus. He's such a darlin....

Re: NWR, but he got me flowers. :)

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