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Introduction & Question

Hey ladies! I'm a Cleveland bride-to-be planning a Pittsburgh, PA wedding. I'm sure this has been asked before, but who has shopped at Catans in Strongsville? 

For those that have, what were your overall thoughts? I just moved here in May and am not familiar with bridal salons in the area. 

Thanks! Smile
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Re: Introduction & Question

  • July2012brideJuly2012bride member
    edited December 2011
    I bought my dress from Catans and my dress came in a few weeks ago.  I had an amazing experience, but my consultant was amazing and I went on a not-so-busy day.

    I have heard mixed reviews, but my experience was awesome.  They have a HUGE selection of dresses, and if you buy your dress there, your BM's, and mothers get discounts on theirs if you also purchase from them.

    I went in for my dress inspection 2 weeks ago and had an equally amazing experience.  The consultant who was helping me make sure the dress was as I ordered it ended up spending about an hour with me working on looking at veils and accessories too.

    I definitely think it's a good place to start because they have so much selection, and request Karen for your consultant if you can.

    If you can avoid going on a Sat or Sun I highly suggest you avoid them.  I haven't had any bad experiences, but that may be because I have visited on a weekday I had off of work.
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    Thanks so much! 
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  • HarvestKarmaHarvestKarma member
    edited December 2011
    Hello and welcome to the board!

    I did not purchase my dress from Catan's but I had one all picked out there as a back up.  I ended up getting my dress from Filene's Basement Running of the Brides sale but if I hadn't found one there I would have purchased from Catans.  I really liked their service and quality--they're awesome :)
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  • JKohioJKohio member
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    As the pp mentioned, you'll hear both good and bad stories about Catan. My experiences have been positive. I style shopped there for my wedding gown, but did not buy from them. I found a dress at a consignment shop that I absolutely fell in love with and purchased from -- Julianne's Bridal Outlet in Olmsted Falls. I did purchase a bridesmaid dress from Catan when I was in my brother's bridal party. I shopped with my SIL when we picked out the style and the staff seemed competent. The purchase went well, too. I decided not to use them for alterations though because they priced them at a flat rate at the time (no idea how they price them now -- it may be different) and I didn't need much done with the dress. I took the dress to Julianne's for alterations which were very inexpensive in comparison (half of what Catan was going to charge). You certainly do not have to use Catan for alterations just because you purchased a dress there, FYI. Catan is definitely a good place to start shopping though because they have one of the largest selections around the area.
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  • K ByteK Byte member
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    I think you'll have a good experience at Catan's, they have lots of gowns in all different price ranges. I would make an appointment and try not to go on a really busy Saturday. Good luck!
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    I shopped there and bought my dress there. Great selection of dresses in a wide price range. Lots of designers, even though I ended up with a Maggie. They are also doing my alterations and storing it until my wedding. I loved them.
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  • I have heard/read if you visit on a weekend you will be disappointed with the service.  I lot of women recomend them for the inital purchase but getting alterations various other places based on cost.
  • I will agree the selection is great! I, however, did not receive the best of service initially. The consultant was great and holding and taking all the dresses I picked out to the dressing room but was no help while in the dressing room. She sent me into the room with a dress and offered no assistance in putting on the dress. Does she not realize many dresses are 1) heavy and 2) impossible to lace or zipper yourself!?!?! I had to ask for help after every dress and it took the young girl a LONG time to lace up the dresses and never pulled it tight enough to get the full effect. I ended up going over to the couture section and had a lot more help and assistance and ended up buying the dress which I am very happy about. At my dress inspection the lady was very helpful as I went back and forth on my veil selection. Overall a decent experience!!
  • I went on a Saturday and they were super busy, but my consultant was very nice. We didn't end up getting a dress there (mostly because my mom and I hadn't really agreed on a price point) but they have a huge selection.
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