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Found my Photographer! SO EXCITED

So I am just really excited and wanted to share with everyone how things can work out even on a tight budget!

From the beginning just to make the story better...
Im a makeup artist and work in the film industry so for a while now I had been working with a photographer who was... good. But I thought if I continued to cut him a brake here an there maybe I could barder with him on shooting the wedding. Well when I asked him he said his "friend price" was $1000. (He's not that good)

Being pretty bummed I started looking for someone more like what I wanted. An for anyone in NY or just with a high budget I personally think this man's work is breath taking... but way out of my budget:

So if I could have anyone I would chose him. But I realized after countless google searches... the photography style I wanted was "Wedding Photojournalism". (I would have never know) Which then lead me to the "Wedding Photojournalism Association" which lets you search your area for Photojournalist and gives you their rates. Still all being $1200+ usually though.

But I stumbled on this women who seemed really down to earth, with beautiful work. Thought what the hell I will send her and email and see if I can work a deal.
The part I loved was she doesnt charge hourly, she charges a day rate or a half day rate.
Well after a few emails and description of my wedding, she agreed to shoot a full day "getting ready to leaving the reception" for my budget. (which isn't $1000 lol)

I am sooooo excited. An it shows sometime all you have to try, and things will work out.

if you want to check out her site here it is:

Re: Found my Photographer! SO EXCITED

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