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Roll Call!

We've done this before, but it's getting kinda slow again. Post your wedding date below and something you might need help on.

Newlyweds, post your wedding date and something that really helped you out with your planning (that might help the engaged ladies!).

Re: Roll Call!

  • Wedding Date:  October 24, 2009

    Hate to say it, but my local board really helped find vendors--we could not find a Rev. anywhere and the one we found was AMAZING.
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  • Wedding date is July, 17th of 2010 So excited! It's gonna be soooooo purdy!

    Pretty soon I'll be putting new pics of our DIY projects in our bio. It'll be invitations, signs for the wedding, centerpiece ideas, etc. My FH is getting restless and wants to do some art so hopefully we'll be starting next week. I'll letcha know when they're up!
  • Hello, our wedding date was Octobber 31 2009. We didn't exactly have a normal wedding as you all know so we didn't need to do a lot of planning. However seeing everyone elses off beat ideas was really cool.
  • Hi ours is May 1, 2010. Short engagement but we know it is right. We have most of what we need done except for clothes and some of the little details. Any suggestions for a gothic wedding at dusk on an extremely tight budget will help out a lot!
  • I know I've been scarce lately- this newfangled board is still confusing me!  It's been down a couple times and every now and then I get rerouted to the Nest and then I just get ticked off and quit.

    Wedding was 10-31-09.  Other people's inspiration photos were helpful.  I definitely stole a lot of ideas.

    I also made my own wedding planning binder to keep track of due dates and payments.  I just used tabbed dividers with the months of the year and printed monthly calendars from iCal.  I also kept a 3-hole punch in it to keep everything in order.
  • Wedding Date: March 10, 2010

    Haven't been around as much since the new format.  Takes too long to load and I guess I just don't do well with change....

    Now is the time to spend some cash!  Have all of the clothes ordered, finalizing food stuffs, making deposits on everything from music, photos, food, rentals, etc., and getting ready to mail my lovely invites to the most fabulous wedding party of the year!
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