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Some more flowers....

Here's the bouquet I picked at the cutting garden on my birthday in July. I had fun trying to find the darkest flowers they had. My favorites are the snapdragons and the really dark sweet peas, and I decided that I don't want any of the purple flowers in my bridal bouquet. I had no clue sweet peas could be so dark. I also found out that my Grandmother carried sweet peas on her wedding day so I think it would be neat to include some in my bouquet. I recently posted pictures of a bridesmaid bouquet option that I put together using the snapdragons from this bouquet.

The cutting garden offers a bouquet of flowers for about $7.00 for all the stems you can fit into a large twist tie. The lilies, delphiniums, and something else (which I forgot) are the only flowers that cost per stem.

I might still order my roses in bulk and add flowers from the cutting garden to fill in the spaces in the bouquets and floral arrangements. I'll figure it out eventually.

This shows the flowers in the bouquet a lot better. I'm not going to use any of the purple ones or the clumpy looking Sweet Williams.

This shows the dark color of the sweet peas. Really beautiful.


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