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Goth wedding locations in Washington DC?

I'm looking for ideas for a "goth" wedding venue, spefically in the Washington DC metro area (,_DC_Metro_Area) Preferably where both ceremony and reception can be held, but I am open to separate ceremony and reception locations that are close to one another. I saw the list of "5 Haunted Halloween Wedding Sites" but they're all so far away.

Re: Goth wedding locations in Washington DC?

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    best ask your local forum. this one is kinda dead. also check out the offbeat one.
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    OP, when is your wedding?  Do you want indoor or outdoor?  I am thinking that you can jazz up an old opera house or something of that nature.  Odenton, which I know is far from DC, has the "Haunted Trail" that begins in September if I'm not mistaken.  You may be able to use the trail that they do to set up a nice ceremony space.  When you walk through the trail at night, it's pretty creepy, they used glow sticks inside of milk jugs to highlight the trail and it eventually leads to a few open spaces that are initimate and perfect for a wedding with your theme.  If not that particular place, maybe something like it? Just an idea.

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    Our venue is in Baltimore and one of their specializations is Gothic/Renaissance weddings.  They even have an area on their website depicting that type of wedding with details.  Try it - Chase Court, 1112 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, MD

    Good luck!
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