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I LOVE MY FLORISTS!!! I must recommend her

Im having my wedding in November in Azusa, CA.

My florist just did a sample bouquet for me this weekend and showed me some sample centerpieces she did. They were amazing!!!!! I am so happy! BTW - she is naming her bouquet creation after me and putting it in her website! How cool is thart?!? The "Michelle Bouquet". yay!

She is just starting her website up soon. But I MUST recommend her. She is AMAZING!

If your looking for an affordable florists in the LA/San Gabriel Valley area/West LA check her out. She will make a sample bouquet/center pieces for you and show you some of her work. She totally rocks!

call her at 323-351-9239. Her name is Joanna.

Re: I LOVE MY FLORISTS!!! I must recommend her

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    Thanks! I will definitely look into using her. Flowers are so expensive and they are just going to die the next day!
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    She works out of her home which makes it easier for her to give you a better deal. I am really happy and excited!

    I have to admit I was a little hesistant considering I didnt have any fancy website to visit but she offered to do a sample bouquet for me and let me some some of the center pieces she was working on for another wedding and they were amazing! I will definately highly recommend her.

    her email address is also

    [email protected]

    good luck!
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    Thanks for the recommendation. Where in Azusa are you getting married? I'm close to Covina.
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