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'At Makeup Pro' Vent

So I thought I've 'booked' my makeup artist for my wedding in May 2012 by sending her a check deposit last week. I've asked her to let me know once she's received the check, and a week has passed by now, yet still no response. I have checked my bank statements and the check hasn't been deposited. I sent her an email this morning to follow up with it, and I'm still waiting to hear back from her. Usually she's quick to respond (when we were talking about her services) but now, it seems like she's MIA?!

Could it be that she decided to take on another bride's services since she is requesting for more services (= more $ for Angelina, the makeup artist)?
Freaking out a little here, because that could potentially mean that I would have to look for a new makeup artist again!

If so, does anyone have recommendations for makeup artists who specializes on Asian brides around the $300 range?

Re: 'At Makeup Pro' Vent

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    I would keep trying to contact her. It's possible it got lost. If you need to send a new check, just cancel the first one and make sure you send it with a signature receipt so you know she got it.
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    I contacted them initially but then read the reviews on Yelp (bad) and decided to forget about it.
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    Okay, so apparently she hasn't received the check yet and would let me know by yesterday whether she has gotten it yet. How can it get lost from being sent to LA from SF? And it was sent more than a week ago.
    Either way, I sent another Email to her as a followup this morning.
    AlexisLA, I saw her Yelp reviews after I sent her the check. Let's see where we'll go from here.

    To be continued...
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