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Lasting Impressions Event Rentals, Cleveland - Review

Lasting Impressions was FAR & AWAY the most difficult, unprofessional, and disappointing vendor for our wedding (and we had at least 8 different vendors).

In the original quote they had great prices and great selection, which is why we went with them.  But those two benefits were far outweighed by the absolute headache this company caused us.

The problems started when I got an email months after we signed the contract that our associate was "working on resolving a few issues, but will have answers soon."  We were not even aware that there were issues and this was two months after we signed the contract!
It turned out that they did not have enough of the style of plates that we chose (and the plate style was the determining factor in going with this company over any of a dozen other rental companies).  Why they did not check this BEFORE they agreed to our contracted number of guests is beyond me. After much frustration, we eventually resolved this issue by changing our original plan and choosing a different style of plates.

Then we chose a specialty (higher priced) linen that was brand new and "not cut yet."  I was okay with this because we were months out from the event date...until we were 2 weeks out and they could not confirm that the linens would be made in time.  They kept saying that "by the end of next month I will know when they will be ready"..."by the end of next week I will know"..."by the end of the day I'll have an answer". For weeks it went on like this until I threatened cancelling the order two weeks before the event because we had to know if we were going to have our linens ready in time!

Because we were handling a lot of the event coordination ourselves, I asked what the policies were for packaging everything up for pickup after the event.  Our associate said she would coordinate directly with our caterer and not to worry about this for a second.  Well, how wrong I was to trust that she would contact him and coordinate this.  I did not find out until after our caterer had packed up for the night, went home, and left the majority of the tables set and nothing packaged for pick up that SHE HAD NEVER CONTACTED HIM. Our caterer (BEST.) came back to our venue to package everything up for us after having gone home.  The problems did not stop there.  My mom was at the venue the next morning at the scheduled pick up time to make sure everything was handled smoothly and the pick up truck was late.  It had "broken down".

With a guest lists of 300 people where we were renting everything (forks, knives, water glasses, wine glasses, rocks glasses, spoons, plates, salad plates, cake plates, bowls, serving bowls...and specialty linens!) I would think that a company would have treated such a large order more professionally.  It was nearly impossible to get a straight answer or to get a timely response to an email. Dealing with this company was absolutely the most stressful part of planning my wedding.  I regret using them and will NEVER recommend them to anyone.  Save yourself the headache and heartache and go with a more professional company.

Re: Lasting Impressions Event Rentals, Cleveland - Review

  • Thank you so much for sharing I had been considering them and  after  I met with them, I didn't feel like I liked them so I am glad I did not!!
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