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Hi, I saw your question about the wax seals in my AW post and thought I would start a new post to answer that for you. We got the actual wax seal stamp and the wax from e-mailed them our monogram and they made the stamp, e-mailed us a proof and we got it in a little over a week I think. It was a little more on the cost end, I think it was like $60 and or so and then shipping, but we figured we would use it for other special occasions like Christmas Cards and Birthday Cards so we would made the investment. We got this about 8-9 months ago too!The wax that we used is actually called Glue Gun wax. It's a faux wax and made the process so much easier. The wax comes in the standard size glue gun sticks and worked great. So if you decide to use this wax detail I would highly recommend the glue gun wax over the traditional wax sticks, they were a pain and I ended up returning them!

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    Perfect!  I love the look of it and your right, it is something that you can use over and over again.  Did it up the cost for your postage bc of the weight of the wax?
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    Yes but not because the weight but because of the bump it creates in the envelope. I think if we requested hand cancelling we would have gotten away with the 61 cent stamp. I thought of that after the fact though. So we did 2 44 cent stamps. Oh well, we really love the wax seal detail so we went with it!
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