Mckinley Grand

Any reviews on the Mckinley Grant Hotel in Canton for a Reception?

Thoughts on price, look, etc.?  Any thoughts greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

Re: Mckinley Grand

  • I used to work for the McKinely Grand and I can tell you they do beautiful work. The receptions there look like recpetions out of My Fair Wedding. They are pricey though, I think it's a $10,000 minimum for a Friday night, I'm not sure what it is for Saturday. The food was so so. The chef used to make extra of whatever was going to be served for the wedding to put in the break room for employee luches. However, I have recently heard that the chef who worked there while I was there has retired, so it could be completly different. I can tell you Melinda the wedding coordinator really loves her job and will do what it takes to get you what you want. I know she is still working there because I saw her at a bridal show just a couple months ago.

    Just so you don't think it's some glowing response from an employee who loved their job, I HATED working there. I didn't like a thing about it, and couldn't wait to quit. 

    They do excellent work though and it's worth taking a look at. 
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