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Am I the only one?

Am I the only July bride that has not ordered invitaions yet?  I keep telling FI that we need to do that and he always says I know.  And that is where the conversation ends.  We have looked and found ones we like, but have not ordered them yet. 
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Re: Am I the only one?

  • I haven't ordered mine yet either. :( I need to get on that! But FI hasn't even thought about it. I am hoping to go with my mom to look at them sometime soon. 

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  • We are in the process of having them custom designed by a local designer. I still need to get them ordered!
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  • Ugh, no you are not alone! I'm planning to do it this weekend...we are ordering a design from an Etsy seller, then having them printed. Then, we have to put them together. I NEED them by Easter so I can take them to Indiana and get a little help from my mom, and maybe a couple of BMs if they're up to it :) I'm way more indecisive than I thought I would be about too much stuff, including these!
  • We haven't. We have them picked out, but we haven't finalized all the details yet so we can't order them.
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  • We're not ordering invititations. My mom is making them, but they haven't been started yet either. I just dropped off the envelopes at FMIL house this evening so she can start on the addresses. She is really good with calligraphy and I'm not lol.

  • I am so glad I am not the only one!
  • I haven't yet either. We have them picked out just need to order them, it is to early to send them
  • We haven't ordered them either, we actually haven't even finalized them yet. I'm surprisingly not stressed about it either.
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    [QUOTE]We are in the process of having them custom designed by a local designer. I still need to get them ordered!
    Posted by bookworm78[/QUOTE]

    <div>This. We're planning to send them to the printer in March.</div>
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  • We have put down the deposit on ours with our designer, but she hasn't finished them yet. So we are right there with you :) 
    If you are planning to go with a custom design, I would say at least start looking at designers and get someone hired fairly soon.  if you are just ordering or DIYing, I still think you have plenty of time.  
  • We haven't ordered ours yet, but we have picked them out. We're just finalizing the guest list and the invitation wording..so we'll be ordering them within the next month. I think we still have plenty of time so I wouldn't stress about it.
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  • I ordered mine during the VP deals with Groupon and LS, but then had to re-order them after meeting with the venue because we had to change the time.  I was planning on a 7:30 start time since it's a Friday evening to give people more time to get there after work and such, but we're having it in the atrium of the Gaylord Texan and the reception has to be over by 10:00 so that put us with the latest start time being 7:00.  I was a little frustrated, but since I was able to do them so cheaply both times and I made other changes as well that I liked more, it wasn't too bad.  Since I had to get another Groupon and wasn't going to be anywhere near $70 with just the invites, I was able to get mugs for FI and I for the morning of and I went ahead and ordered our thank you cards and a few other things.
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  • We haven't ordered either. I picked the vendor, and she was supposed to send me a sample last monday but I've yet to receive anything! Time to email her again today... she's been recommended by a lot of people, but they all say she needs reminding sometimes :\
  • I just ordered mine about 2 weeks ago and they just came in yesterday.
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  • Nope, I haven't ordered mine.  I'm waiting until after we do food tasting so I know what options to put on the RSVP, so I'll order at the end of March. 
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  • I just ordered most of the pieces of mine last weekend.  My RSVP cards need to wait for the food tasting in March. 

    This way though, I can get started on putting together the rest of the other pieces. 

    Is it wrong that  don't want my invites to say Mr. and Mrs. (Man's first Name) (Last name).

    I don't want to be called Mrs. Greg (Last Name), I think it's archaic, but the invite lady said everyone does it the old fashioned way....  

    On the outside of the invites I want the wife's first name on there too.... 

    Am I ridiculous?

  • We are printing all of ours at home, but no... we haven't even started.
    I'm thinking I'll go to my parent's house one weekend and knock out the programs and the invitations all at once.
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    [QUOTE]Am I the only July bride that has not ordered invitaions yet?  I keep telling FI that we need to do that and he always says I know.  And that is where the conversation ends.  We have looked and found ones we like, but have not ordered them yet. 
    Posted by cmhutchison22[/QUOTE]

    I haven't done it - but it's on our to-do list this weekend. :o)
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  • Oh Thank God!  We have them ready to submit order, but FI has not given me the okay to clcik that submit button yet.  Haha!
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  • Thanks Schatzi13 !!!
  • Glad I'm not alone! I picked ones that I liked, but FI is so not interested in this part of planning.  We're getting them from weddingpaperdivas.com.  It seems like a lot of you are ordering from stationers- anyone else ordering online?

    I'm also stuck because I don't want the invite to say Mr. and Mrs. {my parents} request the pleasure of your company... FI and I, his parents and my parents are paying for the wedding (almost) equally, so I don't know how to word it.  Anyone else in this situation?
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